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11/18/19 – My team and I are finalizing the cover to The Music of Mars. Also, I beginning the 3rd round edits this weekend.

8/19/17 – I’m about 25% through the 1st round of edits on my novel, The Music Of Mars.

5/28/17 – I’m working full time on editing the last five chapters of my novel, The Music Of Mars.

5/28/17 – I finished edits from my critique group on Temporal Correction.

5/19-5/21/17 – Attending the Pennwriters writing conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

5/6/17 – I have news about The Music of Mars!

4/8/17 – Writing a second draft of the last scene of Temporal Corrections to make it flow more naturally and answer all of the story promises.

4/3/17 – Reviewing my short story, Temporal Corrections, to ensure I provided answers to all of my story promises.

4/1/17 – Attending Writers Project Runway III mini-conference sponsored by Pennwriters at Ida Lee Rec Center in Leesburg, VA.

1/27/17 – The video is up of my short story, The Paperboy, which is read by a professional actor. See this blog post for details.

1/17/17 – It’s been a while. I’m working on the first draft of time travel short story. Many people say that folks should be nice or they’ll end up in a story. This is that story.

5/18/16 – Preparing for the Pennwriters 2016 writing conference in Lancaster, PA, starting 5/20.

5/15/16 – Writing my next novel, A Price for Everything.

5/11/16 – Edited chapter two in Mars novel, After the Discovery, to allow Chuck to be less agreeable to handle an Earth archaeologist.

3/19/16 – Working on a outline/timeline for a new science fiction novel, titled A Price for Everything.

3/19/16 – Working on an clean-up edit of my Mars novel, now titled After the Discovery.

9/12/15 – I reviewed the galley for Spying Isn’t Easy and sent a few minor changes back to the publisher.

9/2/15 – I signed a contract to publish “Spying Isn’t Easy” (formerly entitled “Fearful Actions”) in S & H Publishing, Inc.’s anthology, Spies and Heroes. See my blog post.


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