The Music of Mars is available as a trade paperback and Kindle ebook!

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2/10/18 – Updated the About page

2/7/18 – Book signing at Comic Logic (Ashburn, VA)

1/24/18 – Doing a book signing at 5 p.m. at Comic Logic (Ashburn, VA) on February 7th.

1/23/18 – Comic Logic (Ashburn, VA) is carrying The Music of Mars.

1/22/18 – I fixed the Amazon links to the book throughout the site.

1/21/18 – The Music of Mars is available for early purchase!

1/4/18 – I received the final proof copy of The Music of Mars and approved it!

12/24/17 – I finished reviewing the proof copy of The Music of Mars.

12/23/17 – I received and approved the final cover image.

11/25/17 – Quick The Music of Mars status update: the cover is selected, third round of edits complete, associated short stories are in progress.

11/18/17 – My team and I are finalizing the cover to The Music of Mars. Also, I’m beginning the 3rd round edits this weekend.

8/19/17 – I’m about 25% through the 1st round of edits on my novel, The Music Of Mars.

5/28/17 – I’m working full time on editing the last five chapters of my novel, The Music Of Mars.

5/28/17 – I finished edits from my critique group on Temporal Correction.

5/19-5/21/17 – Attending the Pennwriters writing conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

5/6/17 – I have news about The Music of Mars!

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  1. Linda sittig says:

    This is looking good!


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