The Music of Mars–Gretchen Speaks

Gretchen Blake shares a few thoughts:

I came to Mars, eager to return to Earth as soon as I deciphered strange symbols in a remote cave. My employer, MarsVantage, hired me for my archaeological experience.
Truthfully, my professional skills helped, but not as much as my project leader, Frank, anticipated. The true catalyst behind solving the problem was my love of music. Not only do I love live performances, especially those of Magda Carr, whose repertoire spans centuries, I love to play guitar myself. I’ve been playing since grade school.
This experience allowed me to translate the symbols and discover a treasure, one that changed my destiny as well as my employer’s. Now, I never want to leave Mars.

The-Music-of-Mars-customdesign-JayAheer2018-3DrenderWould you like to learn more about Gretchen? Go here for the trade paperback or here for Kindle.

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