The Music of Mars–Chuck’s Story

Chuck O’Donnell shares his perspective:

Lately, I’ve been watching Washington, D.C. close in on my company, MarsVantage. Bumping up the export fees to and import fees from Earth were straightforward, directly affecting the bottom line.
Their other tactics, however, were more creative, like enacting the Space Transport Safety Act requiring significant upgrades to all space-going vehicles. Earth columnists are suggesting financial audits, safety audits, and compliance audits. More expense for a marginal benefit.
These actions weren’t mindlessly or randomly undertaken. No, my competitor, Peter Konklin of Peter Konklin Interplanetary, wants to take over MarsVantage and gain an immediate presence on Mars. And he’s using every ounce of pull and influence with the government and the media, and who knows what else to accomplish his goal.
On the advice of my closest friend and engineering manager, Frank Brentford, I hired an archaeologist to help us unlock a revolutionary energy source hidden in a remote cavern.
And what she found along the way could change everything for us…

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