TMOM-Erin’s Perspective

Erin, MarsVantage’s top pilot, shares her thoughts on current events…

If events would’ve happened a few months earlier, I would’ve known everything. But after I turned down Frank’s marriage proposal, he made himself scarce. Actually, he’s been avoiding me. I hurt him, and he’s still in pain.

When Frank approached me to back up his exploration mission in the Martian wild, I thought he was crazy. What else should I think? Exploration missions of the Martian wild are commonplace, they never need back up, and he just hired an archaeologist–on Mars of places.

But I dated Frank for ten years, and he’s the most level-headed person I know.

I ended up bailing him out on his exploration mission. Neither he nor Gretchen let slip any hint at what they were really doing. Then a couple of weeks later, Frank asked me for a spaceship. Not a ride but a ship itself. At that point, he explained what was really going on. Sometimes I still don’t believe it.

Gretchen and Frank changed MarsVantage’s future and perhaps, humanity’s as well.

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