The Music of Mars-The Caretaker’s Perspective

The Caretaker, the lone Bvindu on Mars, shares his thoughts on current events…

For over 100,000 orbits, I safeguarded the knowledge and treasures of my people, the Bvindu, on this dead planet, fourth from the star. I eagerly await the day my people return for me and our heritage, so I can leave the control computer and inhabit a body grown from my genetic code.

But they’re late–they should’ve returned after no more than 1000 orbits. Something must’ve happened. And I have no way to follow after them.

My construction capability was decimated about 100 orbits ago when two ground transports crashed through the dome of my now-buried city. All of the beings inside either died on impact or were killed by the city’s defense systems.

These beings were much like me, except they have only two arms. Now, two more entered Power Generator 3. Perhaps they can help reunite me with my people.

I’ll create a message and leave it for them. Hopefully, these newcomers will be able to understand it…

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