The Music of Mars-Frank and the Knowledge Keepers

Franks talks about the Knowledge Keepers…

Just after my engagement to Lori, she inducted me as an initiate in the Knowledge Keeper Order. She taught me the ins and outs until she died in the Airlock Accident.

When the public catches Knowledge Keepers in action, they see clowns, which is designed to cover our actual purpose: to safeguard humanity’s knowledge, history, and essence for a time when we’ll need it.

That time grows near, and it’s clear for the few who wish to see. Far too many succumb to the government’s lies propped up by the corrupt media.

We believe that society is on the verge of ruin, and there’s nothing that can stop the decline. The government wields power to benefit the elite at the expense of the ordinary citizens. However when society collaspes, we’ll help pick up the pieces.

For over a decade, I faithfully executed my duties anticipating and planning for the inevitable. In the course of a month, humanity’s fate changed. Gretchen and I are in the vanguard because of what we found buried under centuries of Martian sand.

Will Gretchen understand my participation with the Knowledge Keepers? Could it drive her from Mars altogether?

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