New Short Story-The Curse of Rachael’s Crest

Restless Spirits: An Hourlings Anthology by [Martin Wilsey, Liz Hayes, Jeffrey Jacobs, Cora Baker, William  Zanotti, S.C. Megale, Vincent Scarsella, David Keener, Jeff Barton, Kelly Lenz  Carr, George G. Moore, Shannon  Taft, Frederick  Woyach, Danelle  Callahan, K.E. Mathieson]

Restless Spirits-An Hourlings Anthology is available now and includes a new short story from me. Several other authors from the Hourlings included short stories related to ghosts in one way or another.

My story is entitled The Curse of Rachael’s Crest. It follows a novelist revising his fantasy novel in a remote cabin. If he sees Rachael’s ghost, he enters into a no-win situation leading to his demise. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe in ghosts and ignores everyone’s warnings, leading to a face-to-face encounter with Rachael.

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