York Book Expo

On November 3, 2018, I had a table at the York Book Expo. I met a lot of interesting people, talked sci-fi, and sold books.


I also gave away a lot of leftover Halloween candy!

It was a good time, and I look forward to doing it again.


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Nature, Up Close

I took a guided sunset kayak cruise through the marshes of Fripp Island, SC. I expected to witness some nature,  watch the sun set, and maybe do a little paddling. What I got was really the coolest two hours I’ve spent in a long time!

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The Music of Mars-Gretchen’s Personal Journey

The Music of Mars Book PhotoIn The Music of Mars, Gretchen journeys to Mars to decipher strange symbols in a remote cave. I’ve written a lot about this outer journey, but her internal journey is just as fascinating.

She begins the story disagreeing with her project leader over the meaning of artifacts found in Antarctica. She believes the truth is most important and revealing it is her greatest desire. Further, if she does her work to the best of her ability, she’ll achieve her goals of understanding ancient peoples better and of advancing in the field, eventually leading her own expeditions.

Soon afterward, she discovers her project leader has blackballed her. No matter how right she may be or how hard she has worked, she can’t get archaeological work on Earth.

On Mars after hearing about the Marsee’s problems with Interplanetary and their spies embedded within MarsVantage, she concludes their issues don’t affect her. After all, she merely needs to decode the symbols and return home with her pay.

As events unfold, she assists Frank in finding a spy, though she feels that doing so will smooth the way in deciphering the symbols.

Toward the end, she pushes aside her original goal, foregoing the return-home pay, convincing MarsVantage to allow her to pursue a more significant discovery, which could change the course for MarsVantage, Frank, herself, and humanity. She further agrees to help Frank entrap another spy solely because it will help MarsVantage utilize the newest discovery.

Gretchen learns that considerations beyond her work can affect her work, and to be successful, she must handle them with as much care as ancient artifacts.

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The Music of Mars–Reviews

Already, several readers asked about a sequel to The Music of Mars. I will write another, and I’m actively considering events to challenge Frank, Gretchen, and the Earth archaeologists working in the Bvindu city named The Vault of Ages.

A GoodReads reader left this comment in part:

It was very accessible and didn’t have a lot of technical language that went over my head. The characters were likeable, and I really enjoyed the imagination of what it would take to build an entire city on Mars.

An Amazon reader commented in part:

It has everything you look for in sci-fi, adventure, betrayal, aliens, and so much more.

Another Amazon reader left this message in part:

…this book had me hooked from page 1.

One last Amazon review in part:

I’m so glad I came across this book and decided to take a chance on a new author.

The Music of Mars Book CoverAnd I’m pleased beyond words that people are enjoying the story. Thank you for taking a chance on a debut novel.

Every purchase includes instructions for downloading two more related short stories at no cost.

You can buy The Music of Mars at Amazon.com.

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The Music of Mars-The Antagonists

Part of the fun in writing is the opportunity to create characters to interfere with the needs and desires of the main characters.

The trick is to give the antagonists an excellent reason to oppose the main characters.

In The Music of Mars, Peter Konklin, the CEO of Peter Konklin Interplanetary, lost control of MarsVantage twelve years earlier when the government split off MarsVantage after an airlock accident. In Peter’s mind, he built MarsVantage, and it belongs to him.

He wants it back, and he’s pulling strings with the government to tighten the screws, so when the company fails, he can swoop in and buy them on the cheap.

As MarsVantage goes after a prize at a price they can barely afford, Konklin reasons that their success could hinder his efforts. He directs his people, Heather and John, to stop Gretchen and Frank on the Martian plain. Each of them have their own desires and complying with Konklin’s orders will help achieve them.

I think the reader can identify with Konklin’s desire–his means, on the other hand, places him on the wrong side of the reader’s sympathies.

The-Music-of-Mars-customdesign-JayAheer2018-3D-eReaderWant to learn more? Check out The Music of Mars page, or buy the paperback or Kindle edition.

If you sign-up for my mailing list, you can download a free short story that details how MarsVantage came about.

If you buy the book, you’re eligible to download two free short stories.

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The Music of Mars, the Government, and Blackmarkets

In The Music of Mars, I looked at current government initiatives and extrapolated what the future would look like within the context of the overall story.

Seventy-five years ago, marriage was a till-death-do-us-part proposition. These days, it can be relatively temporary as it’s easy to divorce, and there’s no stigma in doing so.

I put a finite time (five years) on marriage with the contract auto-renewing. A written statement presented 30 days before the contract’s end is required to prevent the auto-renewal.

Far more interesting is the trend for the government (local, state, federal) to tax or outright forbid the consumption of items it deems unhealthy. Today, Seattle and Philadelphia tax sugary drinks. New York City disallows the purchase of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

What’s the next step? An outright ban. Nearly 100 years ago, Prohibition prevented the legal sale of alcohol. I see a new wave of prohibitions coming in the future. They’ll take out soda, chocolate (and other candy), tobacco, and even sushi. The government will use health as the reason.

People will fight back by going underground and creating black markets. If enough people want something, someone will provide it for a price. Prohibition demonstrates this fact perfectly. In the novel, black markets abound on Earth, some fixed in backrooms of aboveboard places while others move from one seedy venue to another.

Black markets add an extra dimension to The Music of Mars, one that is fun and affects the plot unexpectedly.

For more information about The Music of Mars, click here.

Starting on May 29, 2018 for a limited time, the Kindle edition of The Music of Mars is on sale. #kindledeals

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Free Comic Book Day and Book Signing

Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA celebrated free comic book day yesterday, May 5th.

People waited in line to check out comic books. Word had it that when the doors opened the line was at the bottom of the stairs.

Free Comic Book Day - Waiting to Start

For over four hours the store was packed. I saw many familiar people and lots of new people. Spidey even showed up…

Free Comic Book Day - Spider-man

As always, I enjoyed talking about science fiction of all kinds as well as my book.

George G. Moore Discussing Sci-FiAnd I signed copies of The Music of Mars.

Free Comic Book Day - George G. Moore Signing a Book

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Mars InSight Lander Launch

On May 5, 2018, the Mars InSight mission is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Air Force base in California. This launch will be NASA’s first from the West Coast.

The Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport is scheduled to land in Elysium Planitia, Mars (northern hemisphere) on Nov. 26, 2018.

For two year, the lander will study Mars’s deep interior to reveal clues in how rocky bodies form–not only Mars but also the Earth and Moon. NASA teamed up with several European partners to outfit the lander with instruments.

NASA hopes the lander’s ultra-sensitive seismometer will see between dozens to hundreds of marsquakes, each providing a picture of Mars’s interior. Meteorites, which regularly impact, will provide further pictures. Radio signals will determine if the core is molten. Other sensors will measure wind, pressure, and temperature.

The heat sensor will tunnel sixteen feet underground to measure how heat is escaping into space.

The RISE (Rotation and Interior Structure Experiment) is designed to track the wobble of Mars’s North Pole as the planet orbits the sun. This data will provide a clue as to the interior’s composition.

Lastly, the probe will carry a microchip etched with names. The name of the hero of The Music of Mars, my novel, and my name are on that chip.


The Music of Mars InSight Gretchen Black

The Music of Mars InSight George G Moore

Click here to learn more about The Music of Mars.

Buy the ebook or paperback from Amazon.com.

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The Music of Mars and Quotations


When I wrote The Music of Mars, I looked to America’s colonial times for inspiration. I wanted to tell a story where Mars’s culture was starting to deviate from Earth’s, allowing for plenty of tension. While I allow for instantaneous communication, to get anything physically between Earth and Mars requires about one month.

I specifically looked at the time leading up to the Revolutionary War. Not to spoil anything, but that may be a hint at where the story goes after The Music of Mars concludes.

I came across the quotation below from Samuel Adams.

If ye love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Naturally, I can’t have anyone speak these words–the quote is too long. I decided to place it on MarsVantage CEO’s wall and allow Gretchen, an archaeologist, to notice it an react. Later the CEO, Chuck, mentions a couple of phrases while arguing with a board member.

The quote itself sets a mood that I intended to convey. It perfectly exemplifies Chuck and Frank’s attitude. When I came across it, I had to use it somehow.

For the quote below, I had already finished the first draft and was hip deep in revisions when I came across it.

We might have been a free and great people together.

I read about Benjamin Franklin editing this line from Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence. While it’s true, the statement didn’t fit the tone of the Declaration so they wisely cut it.

As soon as I read it, I knew where I needed to use it. It comes up in conversation during a tense time between Gretchen and Frank. I won’t say more, but the quote and how it’s framed highlights a dimension of MarsVantage’s situation that otherwise might not be apparent.

If you like to learn more about The Music of Mars, check out The Music of Mars page, or go here to buy the paperback or here the Kindle.

If you sign-up for my mailing list, you can download a free short story that details how MarsVantage came about.

If you buy the book, you’re eligible to download two free short stories.

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Comic Logic Third Anniversary and Book Signing

On April 21st, Comic Logic in Ashburn, VA celebrated their third anniversary. Food, Avengers trivia, cosplay, and of course, comic books filled the day.

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Plus, they invited several creators, including me. I was among a comic book writer, children’s book author, a fantasy author, and a creator of customized clutches, bags, keyrings, and towels.

I had a fantastic time, including stepping away from my table a couple of times to take pictures. It was the first time I was around cosplay.

Throughout the day, I enjoyed chatting with lots of people about comics, sci-fi, and my book, The Music of Mars.

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