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The Music of MarsThe Music of Mars, click here for more details.

Short Stories

Restless Spirits: An Hourlings Anthology (Short story: The Curse of Rachael’s Crest)

Artie, a novelist on retreat to fix his latest work, stumbles upon a ghost and a curse seemingly without a way out.

Novel Writing Festival, The Paperboy (Short story read by professional actor Hugh Ritchie)–Video

Carl, eagerly awaiting his sixteenth birthday, delivers his papers and takes a huge step toward adulthood.

Spies & Heroes An International Anthology, S&H Publishing, Inc, (Short story: Spying Isn’t Easy)

Alan asks Nick to find out about his wife’s teacher’s conferences.

Forging Freedom II, Freedom Forge Press (Short story: Unintended Lesson)

Ryan, wanting to excel academically, lands in an Economics class where the professor insists on giving everyone the average of all grades. While doing A-level work, his grades, along with everyone else’s, are on a steep decline. Ryan and a small group of friends must decide how to salvage the situation.

Forging Freedom Anthology, Freedom Forge Press (Short story: The Shape of Things to Come)

Two-hundred plus years in the future, Lorah, a member of a secret organization whose goal is to accumulate knowledge in an effort to restore freedom in America, is assigned to discover what Miles Fordham, one of the richest people in the country, is planning. Early one morning, he unexpectedly visits her apartment.

PC Techniques, Aug/Sept 1993 (C/Windows programming article)

A technical article describing how to create a Welcome window at program startup.

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