The Music Of Mars


Without a doubt, we know Mars held intelligent life sometime in the past. Perhaps aliens are still here.
–Gretchen Blake, archaeologist

My novel, The Music of Mars, is available!

Blackballed from the archaeology field after a dispute with her project leader, Gretchen Blake is forced to accept a job offer from MarsVantage to decipher odd symbols in a remote Martian cave. If she can correctly interpret them, it will open up a cavern filled with an energy source that could dramatically improve MarsVantage’s circumstances.

Interplanetary, MarsVantage’s Earth-based rival, will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding… including bribery, theft, and even murder. Can Gretchen unlock the cavern and the secret hiding within before it’s too late?

You can read what some of the characters think of about events in the book: Gretchen, Frank, and Chuck.

You can purchase The Music of Mars here (trade paperback) or here (Kindle).

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