It Snows on Mars!

Before dawn this morning, I topped off the gas tank and bought a Starbuck’s mocha. My dash read 5 degrees. In western Northern Virginia, we experienced the bomb cyclone temperatures but missed out its snowfall the hit the east coast.

A couple of my Facebook friends posted pictures of their temperatures. One was minus -12 and the other was 0 degrees. At least, we’re not on Mars where temperatures hit a low of -225 degrees. Think of this as  the “glass half-full” approach to the cold.

Okay, I’ll wait while you readers swear. And some of you have real potty mouths, too… 🙂

The good news is that Mars’ high temperature can reach 95 degrees, which sound pretty good right now.

Suprisingly in 2008, NASA’s Phoenix lander spotted snow flurries on Mars. Recently, scientists using data models supposed that Mars could even have snowstorms. It’d love to see one of our probes witness that. Perhaps the NASA Insight lander, which launches in this year, will.


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