What a Day…

The following happened today, no embellishments…
I woke up and walked our dog, Matty.  My left foot hurt a little, but I didn’t think much about it.  In due course, I showered.  While I dried my foot, I found the reason my foot hurt–my left big toe was red around the nail.  Red doesn’t describe it; my toe looked angry.  I touched it and, yes this is a little gross, puss oozed out.
Time to see the doctor.  I called a podiatrist near my house, and they don’t take my insurance, one of the most popular insurance companies in the area.  I called my GP and they fit me in at 2:15.  I ended up with a prescription for antibiotics.
When I left the doctor’s office, I missed the turn to go to the pharmacy.  Instead, I was heading toward Starbucks, but it was a little out of my way.  I grabbed a Mocha because the pharmacy has never filled prescriptions right away.
So now, I’m on the way to pharmacy, for real this time.  I doubt the prescriptions are filled yet, so I filled up the car.  I go to start it, and nothing but a crunching sound.  I walked ten yards over to the repair shop, and they test and replace my battery. 
After all of this, I reprogrammed my radio presets.  Then, I pickup my prescription and went home.  While I wrote this, I soaked my toe/foot. 
What a ridiculous day. 
Now if I wrote all this for a character in one day, no one would believe.  Forgetting the dullness, the improbability of events bordered on the unbelievable.  First, from out of nowhere, I have the beginnings of an ingrown toenail.  Second, the doctor I wanted to see doesn’t take my insurance, though it was very common.  Third, I managed to get a same-day appointment.  Fourth, my battery dies.  Fifth, it dies at the service station.  There’s a barrelful of bad luck, and one incredible moment of good luck in this day.
While true, it’s completely unbelievable! 
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