Recently, I was watching Top Gear on BBC America where they featured a car from Keonigsegg.  Please click the link.  The cars are awesome in the very expensive (cost of a house) and impractical way.  I doubt that I could get the car in third gear giving the speed limit and traffic.  That assumes that I could fit inside given my height.
I don’t even want to think about the cost of insurance, maintenance, and gas.  I’m sure it takes premium and uses a gallon just to start it.  Of course, if you can afford the car, you aren’t worrying about the cost of cost such things.
I wondered if I could tour the factory.  I’d find it interesting to see how they assembled the cars.  They don’t conduct tours unless you have a car on order. 
Obviously, there isn’t a Keonigsegg in my future.  My wife, who also loved the car, thought she’d surprise me with a t-shirt.  She didn’t buy one but, instead, showed me the webpage.  Again, click the link.  It cost $105! For a t-shirt.  Yes, I was surprised!
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