New Vending Machines

I noticed new vending machines in the break room at work.  Aside from not displaying the prices of individual items, they now come equipped with a credit card reader.  A credit card reader!
My how times have changed.  In the old days, I could pick up a candy bar with spare pocket change.  Now, with prices starting a $1, the vending machine companies figure I may need to swipe a credit card to pay.
Surely, this is for customers’ convenience because many don’t bother carrying much cash anymore.
Now, for the wackyconspiracy theory…
The government could link up snack food purchases to credit cards to people’s names.  I would say, “Who cares?” but since San Francisco outlawed Happy Meals and New York City (prompted by Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg (I)) outlawed trans fats and limited soda sizes to 16 ounces.  How far are we from the government linking food purchases to people and nagging them about their choices?  After that, how far are we from the government allocating various types foods per person?  It sounds silly, but then I can’t believe I can’t get a Big Gulp in NYC.
Questions like these informed a short story that I’m working on as well as new novel.  It’s funny where inspiration lurks.
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