Yesterday, I attended a wedding, which took place in a church built in the 1700’s. I sensed the history inside, hearing the creaks of the pews and feeling the floors giving under the odd footfall. Afterward, at the reception, I tried a mimosa. I figured what’s not to like. I like orange juice and champagne. Together, while okay, they didn’t complement each other as I expected. It was like 1 plus 1 equaled 1.5.
Some food combinations yield excellent results. Take milk chocolate and pretzels.  Chocolate-covered pretzels give the pretzel crunch along with delicious milk chocolate. Together, the best of both are accentuated–there’s a synergy.
So, going forward, I’ll enjoy orange juice and champagne separately.

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I'm interested in many things, from Mars to space travel, music to books, movies to creating my own stories. My sci-fi novel, The Music of Mars, is available now.
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