Star Trek Into Darkness

I intend to keep this post spoiler-free.
If you’re a sci-fi fan or just a casual Star Trek fan, this is a must see movie. If you like a good action move, go see this movie.
The story is well-structured. It has multiple plot twists, especially for fans of the original series and previous movies. J.J. Abrams and Paramount are all-in on the alternate timeline. And, I’m pleased with this decision. Finally, the Star Trek universe has consequences that must be dealt with.
From the trailers, it looks like the Enterprise is going to be destroyed. Again. I’ve been complaining about it since I first saw them. At this point, it’s cliché to destroy the Enterprise. It’s been done at least twice already. There has to be a different way to bring drama and tension to a story without destroying the Enterprise.
 Moreover, in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek (the first J.J. Abrams movie), we saw much of the fleet destroyed. In practical terms, destroying all these ships represents a lot of money. If I were a Federation taxpayer, I’d be really pissed! My wife said, “Just put a red shirt on the ship and be done with it.”
Because I’m keeping this post spoiler-free, I won’t say what happened, except that I was satisfied when I left the theater.
Between McCoy and Scotty, there is plenty of humor in the movie. The best line, however, was delivered by Kirk to Chekov in the beginning of the movie. If you know Star Trek clichés, you’ll easily recognize it.
All in all, this was one of the best times I have had at the movies. I enjoyed the film as entertainment and as a writer.
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