Steeler Football, Part 2

Another issue with the Pittsburgh Steelers that I’m not enjoying is the showboating.
Doing summersaults into the end zone is not Steeler football. This isn’t how Steeler fans act when they do their job. Act as if you’ve been there before, and you’ll be there again. If you’re so fascinated with doing summersaults, then join the Olympic team.
Worse, celebrating every first down by signaling such with the ball in hand and dropping it isn’t helping anything. You’re paid to make first downs. The fans expect you to make first downs. First downs are normal. Maybe you’d like a ribbon for successfully breathing. Doing this when you have a losing record only highlights the fact that, as a team, you’re performing below the standard of a professional football team and well below the standard of a Steeler football team.
Forget the silly celebrations and play yourselves back into the season. The fans want to see wins, not gymnastics or modern dance.
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