Month: August 2014

Choosing Opportunities

Last week, I turned down the opportunity to have a short story entitled “Man Up” published in an anthology. One of my goals is to write and publish. So, why did I decline? My story’s word count is 4300 words–the word limit for the anthology is 3000 words. I would’ve had to cut a quarter …

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Atlas Shrugged, Part III–Who Is John Galt? Kickstarter

Some time back, I contributed to the Atlas Shrugged, Part III Kickstarter campaign. I feel strongly that this movie (as well as the prior two) need to be made. Not only is the story good, but the message needs to be broadcast and heard. There is a relationship between people who produce and the environment …

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Horseback Riding

In “A Game of Shadows,” Sherlock Holmes said that horses “were dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle.” I never had reason to disbelieve him. I never felt the need to ride. It’s the 21st century–horses are so 19th century. However, for Kel’s (my wife) birthday, I agreed to go riding. She has …

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