Atlas Shrugged, Part III–Who Is John Galt? Kickstarter

Some time back, I contributed to the Atlas Shrugged, Part III Kickstarter campaign. I feel strongly that this movie (as well as the prior two) need to be made.

Not only is the story good, but the message needs to be broadcast and heard. There is a relationship between people who produce and the environment in which they conduct business. A poor environment and the producers will produce less, meaning they’ll need fewer people to help them and scarcity will bring about higher prices. There are other important messages within the original masterpiece, but this message, at this time, needs to be heard and understood.

As part of my participation level, I’m recognized on the movie’s Producer Wall.Below is a screen grab of page 7 of the wall.

The movie has been shot and will hit the theaters on 9/12/14. I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Val says:

    I forgot about that–I, too, believe this is a good cause, and I donated as well. You can find my name on page 19 ( . I should blog about it, too!

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