A Break for Vacation (with pictures)

At the end of September and beginning of October, I went to a South Carolina island named, Fripp Island. Before our arrival, it rained, leaving the ground saturated. Plus, the supermoon brought higher than usual tides. And a hurricane churned in the Atlantic, which didn’t help anything. In addition to all or my usual vacation stuff, I had rain/flooding, too. Below are some pictures of my trip.

High tide as well as rain brought flooding. This picture is the main road on the island.


The picture below is a marsh boardwalk (yes, it does connect) to another observation deck that usually is a few feet above a smelly, salt water marsh the next island over, Hunting Island.


At high tide during a rain storm, I got lunch at Johnson Creek Tavern. I don’t eat seafood, but the locals say the seafood is excellent. I enjoy their burgers and bbq. The picture below is looking out at the marsh the outside dining area borders. It’s usually green.


Enough of rain and flooding. Fripp Island is a wildlife preserve. Currently, they have 400-500 deer roaming the island. I typically take about 20 or 30 deer pictures a visit. This was no different. I’ll share a few below.



I also saw egrets and ospreys. This egret is between the tees of the 17th hole of Ocean Creek Golf course. The osprey was in the courtyard of villas, a first time seeing one there.



My favorite time of day is sunrise, so I’ll end with these photos.


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