An Update

I’m working on edits to The Music of Mars.

It’s a good process. My editor gives me her thoughts, and I incorporate them. Sometimes, this means a straight correction. Like when I forget a word or lapse by writing in Pittsburghese.

If you don’t know, Pittsburghese, in part, looks like this. My car needs washed. Standard English looks like this. My car needs to be washed.

My editor found two of these, so far. She has no idea that I already found and corrected.

Other notes leads to minor rewriting. I’m excited with how the character arcs and plot arcs are tightening up.

I’m hoping to have the novel ready by Halloween 2017. Stay tuned.


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  1. smithmoorek says:

    Are you suuure it’s not “my car needs washed”? How about, “My windshield needs scraped before I drive on the slippy roads.”…Our Western Pennsylvania vernacular is DNA-deep, I think.

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