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At the beginning of February, I sat for professional headshots to use on social media and in my books. I chose Scarlett Heart Photography after seeing incredible pictures a friend had taken.

Scarlett Heart photographs in natural light, so I couldn’t wear my glasses as they darken when outdoors. For an hour and a half, everything was blurry because I’m nearsighted, but it was worth it. I followed instructions (the key to getting a great result), changed outfits, and tried several expressions ranging from serious to outright laughing.

Did I feel slightly foolish laughing at nothing? Yes. But you do what you have to do. I kept in mind that the actors in the Marvel movies often were reacting to something that wasn’t physically there. And all I was doing was sitting, not getting clobbered by Cap’s shield or Thor’s hammer.

In the end, I received excellent photos from which to chose. For them, Angela Bennett-Zoellner at Scarlett Heart Photography did as I instructed: don’t erase the wrinkles and don’t get rid of the gray hair. I earned every one of them! Though, I didn’t realize I had such prominent Crow’s Feet–that was a bit of a wake-up call.

I included my favorite on this post. It will go in my book, too. I used another photo for all of my social media.

Photo by Scarlett Heart Photography

If you’re in the market for professional photographs, I highly recommend Scarlett Heart Photography.

You can check out Scarlett Heart Photography:
Facebook: @ScarlettHeartPhotographybyAngela
Instagram: Scarlett_Heart_Photography_

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