Getting Started

Here it is.  I decided I’d try blogging my experiences as writer, good and bad.
In a perfect world, I’ll post once a week or more.  We’ll see.  I work a full-time job, participate in two writers’ groups, golf, read, and futz with computers.
I plan to write about my experiences writing.  That might include story problems, topic researching, and writing techniques.  I’ll also post short stories, usually from writing prompts.  I may mix in other topics that interest me.  You never know what you’ll find here.
Right now, I’m taking my latest novel entitled Shifting Mars’ Sands, chapter by chapter, to the Loudoun County Writers’ Group.  I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and their comments, for the most part, have been helpful.  The picture at the blog’s top is a map of the general vicinity of Mars City, some notes relating to Mars, and a page of the manuscript.  I’m certain that I’ll discuss it further as time goes on.  I intend to traditionally publish this novel, which means that eventually I’ll embark on an agent search.
I’m also researching, designing characters and situations, and plotting my next novel, tentatively entitled Choosing a Destiny.
That’s it for now…
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