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Nature, Up Close

I took a guided sunset kayak cruise through the marshes of Fripp Island, SC. I expected to witness some nature,  watch the sun set, and maybe do a little paddling. What I got was really the coolest two hours I’ve … Continue reading

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Editing Choices

I’ve been writing a short story entitled Temporal Correction. In it’s original form, it was 7k+ words, which is the longest short story I have ever written. And the last scene wasn’t working as I want GeorgeI’m interested in many … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Write That. . . Did I?

Today’s game is called: Let’s find the horrible error! This is how we play. Below is an excerpt of a chapter I wrote and edited. How quickly does the thought, “This author’s an idiot,” cross your mind? GeorgeI’m interested in … Continue reading

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Victim or Seeker of Opportunity

This post describes seeking the opportunity in every situation rather than being a victim of the situation. Continue reading

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The Power of Research

A vital, fundamental part of all writing is research. Incorrect details can’t yank the reader out of an otherwise good story. Continue reading

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Advice Every Beginning Writer Should Heed

The good advice that every writer should heed. Continue reading

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Writing with the Grain

Every day I see articles like The Worst Ways to Begin Your Novel: Advice from Literary Agents on Facebook or in email. Mostly, they’re useful. More so with this article–it drives home the point. There are many ways to fail, and here’s a list of the popular ways. Don’t do this! Continue reading

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Aeon Timeline: A Review

The authors, specifically Mary Robinette Kowal, at Writing Excuses mentioned Aeon Timeline as useful for creating and tracking story plot points. I’ve been looking for something like this for years. The only feature that Scrivener lacks is timeline functionality. Don’t misunderstand … Continue reading

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Writers and Critique Groups

For a writer, a critique group can be invaluable. Fundamental, it’s designed for other writers to react and provide feedback to a work. Some groups have strict rules where the author must sit quietly until the critique ends before asking … Continue reading

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Latest Writing Activities

Lately, I’ve been doing several different writing activities. I’m planning to attend the annual Pennwriter’s conference in Pittsburgh in the middle of May. There’s the logistics of travel, hotel reservations, and picking the talks. With this conference, though, opportunities abound, … Continue reading

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