Writing Update

This is a quick update on my writing efforts.
A few weeks ago, I submitted a short story, The Curse of Rachael’s Crest, to the Loudoun County (Va.) Library’s writing contest. I worked on this story on and off for the last three years. Finally, I’m satisfied with how the ending plays.
I’m preparing to start my agent search. I have a ton of research to do plus I need to hone my elevator pitch. This biggest part of this process is to describe my novel in a compelling way. What I need is distance from it to do that properly.
I’m working on another short story for the just-announced 2ndFreedom Forge Anthology. It’s a backstory based on the novel I’m currently working on.
I’ve taken notes on a side-story of Shifting Mars’ Sands. I look forward to writing it.
I’m working on a new novel, tentatively titled Freedom’s Fires.
I’m still doing weekly critiques with the Loudoun County Writers’ Groups.
Lastly, I’m doing an email interview to support the Forging Freedom anthology where my short story, The Shape of Things to Come, appears.
I have a lot of irons in the fire, but I’m having a blast.
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