Marie Claire

Recently, my wife was given an anonymous gift subscription to Marie Claire. She thought I might have done it, but I’d never heard of the magazine. I’ve only heard of Cosmo. So, neither of us know who the benefactor is.

Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t get much from the magazine. Such things are her cup of tea.

However, some of the celebrity interviews are interesting. A few months ago, I read the Shailene Woodley interview. She starred in Divergent, and as I recall, she’s been moving around so much that she doesn’t have a home proper, just the current hotel room. That struck me as a tough way to live. Of course, if you’re young with your whole life ahead of you, it could be terribly exciting.

This month’s issue was cool–Jennifer Lawrence was interviewed. Of course, she’s a household name, starring in The Bill Engvall Show, X-Men: First Class, and The Hunger Games movies. She also won an Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook, which is on my DVR, but I haven’t watched it yet.

It was another interesting interview. She comes across as a real person, someone you could have a conversation with over dinner or a beer. She is a bit of a potty mouth, but it didn’t bother me. 

Anyway, I texted my wife that issue came and JLaw was the interview. After correcting her who JLaw was (No, Jlaw is not synonymous with JLo.), she made a comment related to me being her wife. 🙂

Oh well. My stock reply is that as an author, I have to pay attention to all manner of things. I never know where my next story idea will come from.

Whoever subscribed my wife to Marie Claire, thanks from me.

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