Pink Floyd Concert #TBT

In 1987, Pink Floyd, minus Roger Waters, release a new album entitled A Momentary Lapse of Reason. To say I was excited was an understatement.

I picked up the CD as soon as it was released. I listened to it. And listened to it. Over and over.

Then the tour was announced… And I couldn’t wait!

I saw them at the Capital Centre (since imploded) in October of 1987 where I bought the t-shirt.

I don’t remember who I saw the show with. I think it was my roommate at the time, Ray, but the show was unbelievable. Center stage, above the band, was a circular video screen that played animated and video clips at various times through the show. The band was augmented with a percussionist, sax player, backup singers, and additional keyboardist and guitarists.

The inflatable pig made an appearance, and a bed flew from halfway through the arena to “crash” on-stage. Yeah, this was a Pink Floyd show!

I recently picked up Delicate Sound of Thunder on DVD, which was filmed during this tour. It brings back good memories.

If only I could find my ticket stub… Where did I put it?

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