1987/88 Pink Floyd Tour #TBT

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I found my T-shirt from the tour but couldn’t find my ticket stub. I was bummed out that I’d lost the stub.

I collect the stubs of events I attend, including concerts and sporting events. It’s a reminder of a good time. For all of my other concerts, I put the ticket stubs in the CD the tour promoted. On the rare chance that I didn’t buy the CD but still went to the concert, I put it in the closest CD. An example of the latter case was the Boston concert earlier this year. I didn’t buy their latest CD (I didn’t know they had one out.), but I went to the concert–it was a bucket list concert.

The stubs below were from the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. The first, where I bought the T-shirt, was in the Capital Centre, which used to be located in Landover, MD. (It was demolished December 15, 2002.) The second was in RFK Stadium when Pink Floyd toured stadiums. Both shows were superbly done, both musically and visually.

I still remember a hospital bed sliding from the Cap Centre’s rafters to the stage, “exploding” on impact, at the end of On The Run from Dark Side of the Moon. They started the concert (both times) with Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V) from Wish You Were Here. The highlight of the song was the saxophonist switching saxes. It was impressive musicianship and it sounded awesome. I highly recommend the Delicate Sound of Thunder DVD.

Where were the stubs? I bought the Shine On box set and put the stubs with the post cards in the included hardback book. I stumbled across them last weekend while gathering items for a different throwback Thursday post.

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