The Paperboy Read by a Professional Actor

Around Christmas 2016, I submitted a short story to a contest where the winning entries are read by a professional actor. The story is up for viewing!

This story started years ago as a writing prompt for the Round Hill Writers Group. That version was 1000 words long. This opportunity came up, and I decided to give it a try. There was a constraint–the submission had to be 400 words or less while still having a beginning, middle, and end.

To meet the challenge, I took the last third of my prompt story and crafted a new beginning. Afterward, I polished it and submitted.

Now, it’s available on the contest site and YouTube. It’s only 2 and half minutes long, so it’s a quick watch.

I have to give the actor, Hugh Ritchie, a special shout-out for doing a great job with the reading.

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