Editing Choices

I’ve been writing a short story entitled Temporal Correction. In it’s original form, it was 7k+ words, which is the longest short story I have ever written. And the last scene wasn’t working as I want

I edited and tweaked. It still wasn’t working. The scene is mostly dialog between two people. It felt like an infodump, yet it didn’t contain any as-you-know-Bob dialog. And I spent a lot of time accomplishing a less than interesting ending.

After evaluating it, I concluded the dialog was forced, anything but organic.

I could try to continue working with what I had. Perhaps I could whip it into shape. Or I could scrap the scene, 2.1k words, and start over.

The solution was far closer to the later than the former. I scraped the scene, though I listed the points covered by it. I outlined a new scene, mapping out the dialog before taking a stab at writing a complete scene.

I believe you can’t edit a blank page. I also believe that, at times, the best choice is addition through subtraction. We’ll see if I chose the correct path.

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