Marvin the Martian


Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom! –Marvin the Martian #MarsIsCool

As a kid, I remember watching Bugs Bunny and always enjoyed when Marvin the Martian was his foil. His voice was so cool, and he looked neat.

Plus, he was on Mars, our neighbor. Like many before me, I find Mars fascinating. It’s close, relatively speaking. And, it looks like a desert on Earth, except for a rusty coloring.

I wonder what Mars looked like centuries or millennia ago. NASA as well as other countries’ space agencies are looking for those answers, too.

Whatever the answer the answer turns out to be, it’s certainly fun to speculate about what could’ve happened. In my upcoming novel, The Music of Mars, I imagined a nomadic alien race occupying a green Mars until it died. They departed, searching for a new world, but left behind a caretaker and all of their knowledge and treasure, a repository whose value was incalculable.

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