The Music of Mars–Frank Speaks

Frank Brentford shares a few thoughts:

I lived on Mars my entire life, learned engineering from my dad, and work my way to engineering manager in MarsVantage. When going through my dad’s things, I found a crystal fragment that generates electricity when submerged in water according to his handwritten journal.

With a new, local energy source, we can import fewer fuel cells from Earth, which lowers our reliance on Earth and allows us to expand the company.  To accomplish all of those goals, I need to gain access to a cavern full of the crystal–Marsium121.

My problem is a locked door-like structure with odd symbols in a cave fronting the cavern, and it’s the only practical way inside. Nothing is ever easy on Mars.

I need an archaeologist…

The-Music-of-Mars-customdesign-JayAheer2018-3DrenderWould you like to learn more about Frank? Go here for the trade paperback or here for Kindle.

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About George G. Moore

I’m an author living in northern Virginia with a wife, dog, and a cat. When not managing a group of software engineers, I write science fiction and speculative fiction, though from time to time, I write general fiction. I enjoy all manner of interests including golfing, reading, and attending concerts. Member of Pennwriters Member of Round Hill Writers Group Member/Assistant Organizer/Event Host of Loudoun County Writers Group
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