The Music of Mars-Chuck Has a Spy Problem

Chuck’s concerned about Konklin’s spies within MarsVantage…

I have no proof. Either my board members disbelieve or don’t care, but I know Peter Konklin has spies in my company, MarsVantage.

For over a decade, Konklin and his company have been one step ahead of us. As soon as we get traction in an area, we get blocked. Sometimes supplies suddenly became unavailable. Other times the government imposed new regulations. That’s not surprising–Konklin has funded half of congress, and they live contently in his pocket.

A once in a lifetime opportunity lies before me. I spent a sizeable sum hiring Gretchen, an archaeology consultant, to decipher odd symbols on a cave wall to access a new energy source. Everyone knows of the hire–there’s no way to hide a person traveling from Earth to Mars. The key is to prevent Konklin from learning what she’s working on.

I instructed Frank to look for the spies using recently delivered security data analysis software. It would be so much easier to find and return them to Earth than deal with them interfering with the mission, but they eluded Frank.

I have a feeling Konklin’s spies have plans for Frank and Gretchen’s mission.

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