Month: September 2012

The Elevator Pitch, Part 1 of ????

Lately, I’ve been thinking about an elevator pitch for my novel, Shifting Mars’ Sands.  For those reading unfamiliar with the term “elevator pitch,” it is a compelling summary of your novel that you can give in the span of an elevator ride.  Compelling is the key word.  The idea is to pitch your story to …

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Recently, I was watching Top Gear on BBC America where they featured a car from Keonigsegg.  Please click the link.  The cars are awesome in the very expensive (cost of a house) and impractical way.  I doubt that I could get the car in third gear giving the speed limit and traffic.  That assumes that …

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Lawn Tip of the Day

This is an example of how to turn a 15-minute job into an hour.  I just started mowing the yard.  The mower sounded like it wasn’t running a fast as it normally does.  Then it cuts out.  The pull chord is stuck in place.  I checked the gas and there was enough.  The thought struck …

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Guest Blog Post

I accepted an invitation to write a blog post for B. Swangin Webster. Go over and check out my post and her blog. GeorgeI’m an author living in northern Virginia with a wife and a cat. In the late ’80s, I worked on the International Space Station project These days, when not managing a group …

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Steelers Football

To paraphrase The Who, “Meet the new Steelers, same as the old Steelers.” They managed to lose to Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  How?  The same way they always play.  They kick field goals instead of scoring touchdowns when inside the red zone, and they allow the quarterback to get sacked multiple times. It’s …

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My First Writers’ Conference

It’s been awhile since I blogged.  A lot has been going on, mostly boring stuff.  The biggest event was that we finally outsourced our policy printing after a year’s effort.  I felt like I’ve been juggling alligators the entire time.  I didn’t know much about this side of our business, didn’t know much about the …

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