Month: November 2012

The Air and Space Museum (Dulles Airport Annex)

I recently visited the Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport.  I try to visit every year or two.  It’s my favorite museum because of the content for sure and because it’s convenient.  For me, it’s about a 15 or 20-minute drive with plenty of signage, so you can’t get lost. This trip, I was …

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Elevator Pitch, Part 2 of ?????

Okay, it’s time that I take a crack at an elevator pitch for my novel, Shifting Mars’ Sands.  In an earlier post, I explained the purpose of an elevator pitch and highlighted the major points of my novel.  There are two additional points that I have to keep in mind.  First, I can’t oversell the …

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Crazy or Bluetooth

My brother-in-law created a game Bluetooth or Crazy.  It’s simply to play.  Whenever you see someone “talking to himself,” decide if he’s talking on a Bluetooth device, probably attached his ear, or simply talking to himself.  It’s more fun if the subject is gesturing. It passes the time when you’re standing in line like at …

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On Comic Books

I’ve been at the beach, so I haven’t been making posts.  I raced Hurricane Sandy up the East Coast, so I could be in Virginia before it made landfall.  I’m back, and here’s a post… I know many people think of comic books as a second-class entertainment medium.  I’m bemused by this attitude because some …

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