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Writing Update

This is a quick update on my writing efforts. A few weeks ago, I submitted a short story, The Curse of Rachael’s Crest, to the Loudoun County (Va.) Library’s writing contest. I worked on this story on and off for … Continue reading

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Good Stories in Comic Books

One of the benefits of comic books is that they allow for extensions of t.v. shows once it becomes too expensive for them to be produced in that medium. The truth of the matter is that after X years actors … Continue reading

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Forging Freedom Press Release

Freedom Forge Press has issued a press release about their forthcoming anthology, Forging Freedom. The anthology, which includes my short story The Shape of Things to Come, is available for pre-order. I’m looking forward to September 17th. GeorgeI’m interested in … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Writer’s Critique

All writers face criticism eventually. Some of it is written, some oral. Some of it is presented positively, some harshly. But, I doubt anyone has seen a critique presently like this: What really happened isn’t that bad. My wife laid … Continue reading

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