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Marie Claire, Part 2 -or- Vanity Fair

A while back, I posted that my wife started to receive Marie Claire. In Saturday’s mail, she received her first issue of Vanity Fair! The twist is that there were two issues of Vanity Fair in my mailbox. The second … Continue reading

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Space Station Freedom (#TBT)

#TBT From 1987 through 1990, I worked for a sub-contractor to NASA on the Space Station project. At the time, it was named Space Station Freedom. Later, it was renamed to the International Space Station or ISS. Here is a … Continue reading

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Marie Claire

Recently, my wife was given an anonymous gift subscription to Marie Claire. She thought I might have done it, but I’d never heard of the magazine. I’ve only heard of Cosmo. So, neither of us know who the benefactor is. … Continue reading

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An Annoying and Fruitful Commute

An Friday, May 9th, while commuting to work, I pondered further revisions to Shifting Mars’ Sands. Recently, Ch. 2 became Ch. 1. The old Ch. 1 became Ch. 6. The last scene from the old Ch. 1 became Ch. 2. … Continue reading

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Cat Training

Recently, I decided to eat at the dining room table like regular people do. Before that, I ate behind closed doors because of the cat. He likes people food, my food in particular. I found that out the hard way … Continue reading

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