Donald Trump Hands Could be an Advantage

Kel and I spent some time at Elite Shooting, working with our new firearms. For about 10 minutes back in December, I shot a pistol like the one I bought, and I fell in love with it. It’s different firing your own weapon.

Here’s the results of the session.

Range 20160806 web

The top target is from 10 feet. The main issue I worked on was gripping the gun comfortably without it wiggling around. With extra-large hands, this proved to be a challenge. It’d be nice to have “Donald Trump hands” for this.

The bottom target is from 15 feet. I was doing two exercises with it. The first was to fire two shots as quick as possible. I’ve done this before, but a couple fell below the line, which is a no-no. I have to work more on getting back on target after the recoil. The second exercise was two shots as quick as possible below the line and one above. I did better with this one, though I’d prefer the rounds to hit more in the middle of the paper.

All in all, Kel and I had a great time. Kel did extremely well. Lucky for her, she has normal-sized hands, so she doesn’t have that issue to deal with.

I had a few observations. I was around a lot of guns, from Glocks to AR-15s. Lots of rounds were fired and no one was hurt. This may come as news to some, but I explained the phenomenon in a prior post.

The parking was filled with lots of pickups, SUVs, and muscle cars, many with “Don’t Tread on Me” Virginia license plates. Funny though, I didn’t see any Priuses or electronic cars. (The reader may draw their own conclusions.)

During our hour sharing a lane at the range, we fired ~125 rounds total. When we get separate lanes, we’ll be shoot about 250 to 300 rounds. I understand why people buy their ammo in bulk–a case is 1000 9mm rounds, 20 50-round boxes. It’s cheaper than buying rounds by the box. I also see why people by more than one case at a time. Four trips and it’s back to the store for more ammo.

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