Month: February 2018

The Music of Mars-The Caretaker’s Perspective

The Caretaker, the lone Bvindu on Mars, shares his thoughts on current events… For over 100,000 orbits, I safeguarded the knowledge and treasures of my people, the Bvindu, on this dead planet, fourth from the star. I eagerly await the day my people return for me and our heritage, so I can leave the control …

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TMOM-Erin’s Perspective

Erin, MarsVantage’s top pilot, shares her thoughts on current events… If events would’ve happened a few months earlier, I would’ve known everything. But after I turned down Frank’s marriage proposal, he made himself scarce. Actually, he’s been avoiding me. I hurt him, and he’s still in pain. When Frank approached me to back up his …

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The Music of Mars–Peter Konklin’s Side

Peter Konklin shares his perspective: Twelve years ago the government stole my Mars division after a small, unfortunate accident. That now-independent company, MarsVantage, is striving to prosper. And it’s mine, regardless of what the government thinks or what the incorporation papers say. Back then, I couldn’t stop the government, moved by the public outcry over …

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The Music of Mars–Chuck’s Story

Chuck O’Donnell shares his perspective: Lately, I’ve been watching Washington, D.C. close in on my company, MarsVantage. Bumping up the export fees to and import fees from Earth were straightforward, directly affecting the bottom line. Their other tactics, however, were more creative, like enacting the Space Transport Safety Act requiring significant upgrades to all space-going …

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