The Music of Mars–Peter Konklin’s Side

Peter Konklin shares his perspective:

Twelve years ago the government stole my Mars division after a small, unfortunate accident. That now-independent company, MarsVantage, is striving to prosper.

And it’s mine, regardless of what the government thinks or what the incorporation papers say.

Back then, I couldn’t stop the government, moved by the public outcry over the accident, to split MarsVantage away from my company. Now, I’m going to get them back. I paid a lot of money for representatives and senators, and I’m going to get a return on that investment.

Whatever scheme Chuck and MarsVantage have concocted–hiring an archaeologist, on Mars–I’ll ensure nothing comes from it.

By whatever means necessary.

The-Music-of-Mars-customdesign-JayAheer2018-3DrenderWould you like to learn more about Peter? Go here for the trade paperback or here for Kindle.

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