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Fripp Island, SC 2014

My wife and I vacation on a private island on the South Carolina coast named Fripp Island. For two weeks, there’s no commuting through D.C. traffic or hearing user complaints. It’s days filled with fresh sea air and nights under … Continue reading

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The Universe 2014

Every year, I decorate a metal ivy thing (It’s Kel’s.) with lights and ornaments, mostly from Hallmark. My parents started buying ornaments, mostly Star Trek, and I continued the practice. For several years, the ornaments hung on the Christmas tree, … Continue reading

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Kill Gilligan! or Why Do Characters Do That?

From 1964 through 1967, Gilligan’s Island was produced and broadcast. I saw the show in syndication when I was a kid. Virtually every one of the 98 episodes involved the castaways attempting to get rescued with Gilligan screwing it up … Continue reading

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